Aw, the good ol' rutabega curl! I love you, Ithaca.

Ugh, pretty upsetting: "Susan G. Komen Foundation Elbows Out Charities Over Use Of The Word ‘Cure’": “So far, Komen has identified and filed legal trademark oppositions against more than a hundred of these Mom and Pop charities, including Kites for a Cure, Par for The Cure, Surfing for a Cure and Cupcakes for a Cure—and many of the organizations are too small and underfunded to hold their ground. 'It happened to my family,'said Roxanne Donovan, whose sister runs Kites for a Cure, a family kite-flying event that raises money for lung cancer research. 'They came after us ferociously with a big law firm. They said they own ‘cure’ in a name and we had to stop using it, even though we were raising money for an entirely different cause.'"

SO crabby these last few days. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm getting sick. This is a bummer because being sick generally sucks, but also because I just got my knees good enough for one long run and now I'm on the sidelines again! So so so frustrating, and so making me a crabby person (having clients be no-shows for appointments and lie to me did not help). Ah well, yesterday I hit up my awesome acupuncturist, she did some work on me and gave me some herbs to take, and my mom made me amazing chicken noodle soup so....nothing to do but rest and wait.

"I'm all over the place, up and down, scattered, withdrawing, trying to find some elusive sense of serenity. The world can't give that serenity. The world can't give us peace. We can only find it in our hearts. I hate that. I know. But the good news is that by the same token, the world can't take it away." - Anne Lamott

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