"I know, its scary to think you may die alone. Trust me, we all wrangle with this fear. But this type of fear-mongering won’t actually lead you to happier romantic relationships. What leads to happier relationships is being empowered, being honest, intentional and clear about what you want. Feminism is constructed in the mainstream as a boner killer and is very effective in keeping young women disinterested in it, but in the long-run, feminism actually makes your love life better. And incorporating and prioritizing your own needs into your romantic life means sometimes running the risk of being single for a little while and it means having some standards and it means not settling, but the truth is we have too much to lose any other way." - Feministing on the predictable "omg feminism is killing romance" "style" article(s) by the NYTimes.

(Despite appreciating this tidbit, I do have to note that Feministing is sort of driving me crazy with their tendency to have a hetero focus/lens on stories. I know the NYTimes article they are talking about has to do with straight couples but plenty of the things they have to say about feminism and relationships relate to queer relationships as well.) Also check out Amanda Hess' excellent "A brief history of the New York Times' gender essentialist trend piece."

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