N.Y.C. Misdemeanor Defendants Lack Bail Money: "Thousands of people arrested on low-level crimes in New York City spend days languishing in jail, not because they have been found guilty but because they are too poor to post bail."

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I've been reading Patti Smith's (National Book Award winning!) "Just Kids" for a few days and am absolutely loving it. I'm not a huge Patti Smith fan, and I don't know all the artists and people she references, but she is a wonderful storyteller, managing somehow to recall details from decades ago and describe things intricately, while at the same time always moving the story along at a quick pace. It's a book about love, friendship, being an artist, being young, growing older, it's a book about the 60's, the 70's, and on, a book about New York City, a book about inspiration - it's got it all. A wonderful read. (Check out my friend Zac's glowing review of "Just Kids" as well)

Running update: slowly but surely, I'm back. 7 miles on Friday, 8 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday (some walking in there, to be honest). Paying extra attention to warming up my legs with Tiger Balm and massage and warm pants before running out, hot showers afterwards etc. Scheduling acupuncture for this week. Went to bootcamp today and hoping that helps me build the necessary muscle and any minute amount of flexibility. My knees are still not 100% pain free, and I long for a pain-free run, but I'm hoping these are just growing pains in the life of a still new runner. I know I should add yoga into my routine, but it's another cost on top of the Y and bootcamp and running shoes....ugh.

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Maria said...

Congratulations on the running effort!
Your motivating me to do the same (i have a really bad knee)!

I'll have to look up the book and check it out, great post by the way!