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Running update: First, on the shoe front, I went in and talked to the peeps at Rogue Valley Runners and they diagnosed the problem - the toe area of the Lunarfly's is too big for my relatively small feet - therefore, I'm pulling the laces tighter and that's why my toes are falling asleep. There's no real fix, I'm basically just learning my way, trial and error, through different running shoes. I'm still pleased with their lightness and comfort, and wore them this morning, but the fit is far from perfect (for my foot). That said, after 5 days in the sick bed, I got out running this morning. It was an ugly run - lots of snot, phlegm, walking, and stumbling, but I pushed through 5.5 miles and feel infinitely better for doing so.

A reminder for anyone applying to law school who is committed to a career in public interest law - the deadline for my alma mater Northeastern University School of Law's Public Interest Law Scholars program is Jan 3rd.

Reading magazines like Running Times, Runner's World, Outside, etc is way more motivating than I would've thought before I got hooked on running. The stuff people do is incredible and pushes aside any of the excuses I come up with for being out of shape. I keep thinking of one ad that just said: "Right now, someone busier than you is running." I don't look at it as a mean or taunting thing, just a reality. And a motivational one at that.

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