Currently reading "Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny" by Suze Orman, and I would recommend it. Some of the "women, let's talk about money and your feelings" stuff I skim over, but Suze tells it like it is when she gives concrete examples of the ways you are wasting money and the very clear steps you should take the change that. Good stuff for anyone to learn/be reminded of.

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Read this article last night, super inspiring: "Unstoppable: Introducing our 2011 Reader of the Year, Ryan Levinson, an athlete who competes like a champ while fighting a savage form of muscular dystrophy."

Ugh, horrible news: Massachusetts State Police joining Secure Communities.

Maybe because I'm currently reading Martin Luther King Jr.'s autobiography (which isn't actually his biography, per se, but a wonderful compilation/editing of his journals, letters etc), I was especially struck by the comments of the chaplains during the coverage of the DADT repeal this morning. I found it not only personally offensive that many stated they would be unable or unwilling to counsel gay service members, but also a real mark of their unprofessionalism - if you're a chaplain and you say you can't counsel anyone who is "different" than you, then basically you suck at your job.

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