My ex-boss (I worked as a Summer Associate at Dwyer & Collora the summer of 2008) makes a big move! "Prominent Boston lawyer Thomas E. Dwyer is leaving Dwyer & Collora, the boutique firm he co-founded more than two decades ago, to launch two ventures under one roof: a small firm and a consulting agency with a focus on communications technologies." Best wishes to Tom in his new venture!

I'm about half way through The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. and I'm really enjoying it. This isn't a traditional autobiography, rather it's an excellently edited collection of King's letters, diaries, sermons, and even papers he wrote for school! For anyone who respects and is inspired by MLK Jr, this book is a wonderful chance to learn about his young life, his philosophical and theological development as a young man, his relationships with his family, and his development into one of the most prominent and important leaders of the 20th century. An enjoyable and inspiring read.

Also reading and loving: The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays on Art by Eileen Myles.

I just finished Sara Miles' Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion. While Miles has had some interesting experiences, and I appreciated her exploration of the idea of communion in relation to the very palpable idea of serving others (she runs a food bank), the book gets SO repetitive. Yep, I get it - your work at the food bank is a new type of communion. It's the sort of idea and story that might have been better served by being an essay instead of a complete book. I appreciate her sharing her journey and her liberal interpretation of Christianity (I myself am in the midst of figuring out my own liberal understanding of Christianity) but as a book it just doesn't hold up.

Sounds good to me. "Bruce McCall imagines the Manhattan street with no room for cars...but there's a baby stroller lane, a Segway/skateboarding lane, and a runner/jogger lane." via.

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