"Northeast Portland nonprofit food cart run by day laborers hopes to find niche in trendy cart scene"

NYTimes: Immigrants Make Paths to Suburbia, Not Cities: "Immigrants fanned out across the United States in the last decade, settling in greater numbers in small towns and suburbs rather than in the cities where they typically moved when they first came to this country, new census data show."

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Harvey Milk, on hope.

This whale mobile is incredible.

Though often framed as an alternative to incarceration, drug courts can actually expand the incarcerated population. In her article for The Nation‘s War on Drugs issue, Tracy Velazquez explains how. (via Prison Law Blog)

I called my Senators to express my support of the DREAM Act - please do the same, and give hard-working immigrant kids the chance at residency. My legal assistant and I have been pouring over the Act for days and it's not an easy path or a free ride at all - it would reward those only willing to commit to years of study or military service, who successfully abide by some very strict guidelines. Children brought here without documentation deserve the chance to make a future for themselves in the US, and US culture and economy benefit from their presence.

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