From Free Speech TV: Anti-Immigrant Hate Crimes Rise with Hateful Political Speech.

Great new single from NOMO. I have many happy memories of dancing to their music, whether inside the Middle East, or outside at the ICA....good times.

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"Human Rights Watch is launching a new application for Apple's iPad on January 20, 2011, making it a pioneer among human rights groups in offering its reports, articles, videos, and photographs through an iPad app. Users can download the app free from Apple's App Store."

Today's planned workout: bootcamp. Still avoiding bootcamp in prep for the race, so - Today's actual workout: 4 mi slow run, and one hour of Zumba with the ladies tonight.

Amazing life story: "Veteran lesbian activist Renee Hanover passed away earlier this month. The Chicago-based attorney was 84 years old and leaves behind a lasting legacy of inspiring work that will undoubtedly touch and inspire many more for years to come. A single mother of three, Hanover worked her way though college and law school in the 1960's. Four months shy of earning her law degree she was dismissed from school for being a lesbian."

One of my favorite prayers: "When we want only answers, dear God, create in us the space for wonder. Amen."

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V. Furnas said...

You have inspired me. I have contacted the Catholic Diocese and am volunteering to help in their refugee program next week! Can't wait!