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Really good, really interesting: The Paris Paradox: how sexualization replaces opportunity with obligation: "Young women with the Paris Paradox were raised in a culture that promised sexual freedom, but what they ended up with looked a lot more like obligation than opportunity. It’s not hard to understand why the pressure to be sexy so often trumps the freedom to discover one’s authentic sexuality."

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Today's planned workout: 4 mi (sprint intervals). Today's actual workout: 4 miles...but slow, not sprint intervals. I can't lie, I'm not feelin it today. I'm super sore from bootcamp, could barely complete the 4 miles, and am getting anxious about the big race. Hoping that a few days of no weight training and low key running, combined with race-day adrenaline, will make it work out somehow...

"We can realize those voices are not us. In this single, precious, fleeting moment – the space between breaths, this quiet awareness – there is only Love, really. Choose instead to be brave. Choose to be right here. Choose the kindest action, the kindest word. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Regardless of what’s happened before, or what you fear may happen at some unknown point in time. Above all else, let the love consume you. Let it creep into the darkest corners of yourself; let it flow through you into everything you do. And know that you, little one, are loved." - you are remarkable

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