I'm considering shelling out about $150 for this bike trainer - it's on sale (down from $250) and my informal triathlete advisor (my co-worker who is an IronMan pro - and also a marathoner and a serious crew racer) told me it's a good deal, and a must have for year-round training. I'm sort of bummed because I wanted my next purchase to be this baby, and they are gonna call me when it's in at the running store, but I actually think the bike stand is a more immediate need.

Because it's so cold and icy out, its hard for me to go running and biking in the early mornings before work (hard not because of waking up early, but because the cold is hard on my knees and the slip and fall threat is high due to ice) - I think the bike stand will address that problem. Also, I think it's important for me to get "miles" in on my actual bike, as opposed to the ones at the gym.

Ugh, triathlon and marathon training is turning out to = $$$ . . . but I really can't complain because I feel amazing and am pretty excited about these goals. Plus I'm planning on these being lifelong pursuits so I guess the initial investment is a little more palpable . . . Now I just have to convince my parents to let me take up space in their garage with a bike and trainer . . . Alternately I'll get ride of my bed and put the bike in my bedroom and just sleep on the floor (no, I'm not kidding).

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