Sort of obvious but worth remembering: you want a better relationship? Work on yourself.

Left: ". . . the Rose of Jericho, native to deserts of North Africa. A resurrection plant. It is beautiful just as it is but you are supposed to put it in water . . . and it will get alive and green, then you can dry it again and use it over and over again." Source.

From The Buffalo News,
Domestic violence laws compound immigrants' culture shock: Common social practices are crimes in this country

Yesterday was my first brick workout: I did 5 miles of sprint intervals on the treadmill, and then jumped in the pool for 30 min of laps. It was definitely intense, but also felt awesome to mix up the activities. That was merely a taste though, since a few months from now I'll be putting in an hour on the bike, followed by an hour run, etc. Whew. I'm definitely feeling the pressure of training on my pocketbook, and I'm trying to remind myself that most of the gadgets I want are exactly that - gadgets I want, not need. That said, my wish list includes a stand so I can ride my bike in the garage during the winter (looking for a used one that will fit my beloved Fuji Newest), a few new pairs of running shoes (the Kinvara, another pair of Mizunos, etc) ($80 each), the Garmin Forerunner I've been drooling over for months ($250 inc heartrate monitor), an MP3 player for the pool (price varies, prob about $100)....and then eventually bike shorts, bike repair stuff, a few sessions with a swim coach etc. Sigh. Anyways, today's planned workout: bootcamp. Today's actual workout: bootcamp. Might try to hit up the pool this afternoon, but that seems unlikely since today is my first day back at work after a week off.

"Write hard and clear about what hurts." - Ernest Hemingway

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