A heartfelt thanks to everyone who wrote and messaged me in response to my post about eating, running, etc. It breaks my heart that so many of us go through similar acts of self hatred and punishing and not-enough-ness, but I also know that reaching out to others with compassion is often the first step towards walking into a place of compassion for ourselves. Isn't it always that way? I can find 1000 supportive things to say to my friends, but blank when it comes to my self.

Anyways, it's obviously a life long conversation, but one thing I turned to last night that provided a moment of calm in the storm was Martha Beck's book "The 4 Day Win." It's not entirely free from problems (anything involving the phrase "thinner peace" certainly advertises it's issues on its cover), but she has some really good discussions of the ways in which trying to rely on "will power" to push our way through our complicated issues with eating and food only backfire. Also, the book has a great excercize about stepping back and watching our "Commander" (the us that tries to take control and boss us around) and our "Wild Child/Resistor" (the us that fights back, gives in, resists control) respond to the choices we make. Somehow stepping into the role of the "Watcher" instead really allowed me a moment of peace and non-judgement - how rare those moments are! I'm wishing all of you out there many of those moments.

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“You feel like life is always leading up to something, but it isn’t. I mean life is just life. It’s all happening right now, and we aren’t going to be any more complete a month from now than we are now.” - Donald Miller

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Perfect quote today.