Just stumbled on some beautiful jewelry from Rebecca Haas. I especially love her gold "Circus" earrings (3 interlocking ovals), the beautifully entwined "Verdigris," and the way she combines metal and silk cords in her necklaces.

Today's planned workout: 6 mi run. Today's actual workout: 6 mi run. It wasn't pretty; I'm very stiff and sore from yesterdays bootcamp and soccer. Ever since I went to yoga (at the always great Back Bay Yoga) last weekend, I've been dying to get back into a regular yoga routine. I'm going to start going to the Bikram studio here, but can only fit in one of their classes during the week (seriously, why do they all start at 9, 11, or 4? Don't most people work 9-5?)

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This probably wouldn't turn out as beautifully in real life, but I love the idea of a Valentines Day fort.

Bright Eyes/Connor Oberst releases a song in support of immigrant rights/against SB 1070 and similar laws.

"Fifty and Fifty is a project from Brooklyn designer Dan Cassaro that pairs 50 designers up with their state mottos." No Oregon yet, but love the MA one (of course). via.

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Rebecca said...

Hi! You just popped up on my analytics, thanks so much for the mention! I love your blog, and all the graphic text and quotes.