Wow. "Watch as Chuck Patterson skis (not surfs, skis) the Jaws surf break in Maui." Maybe because I'm not super comfortable with the ocean, I love watching video of big waves. Gorgeous.

Image: source.

Today's planned workout: bootcamp. Today's actual workout: bootcamp, Bikram, soccer game. Epic!

I went to acupuncture yesterday and got "cupping" for the first time - very cool! Not sure if it "worked" or not, but I adore and trust my acupuncturist, so I'm always willing to try whatever she thinks will help me the most. I do have some pretty funny looking marks on my back today - I probably should've warned my bootcamp ladies before I stripped down to my sports bra.

Apparently my yam/sweet potato confusion continues! This article says that the dark orange veggies with brown skins aren't yams at all, just mis-labled - ah well, either way they are delicious. And here are some more ways to enjoy them.

I'm looking forward to checking out the new tv show The Chicago Code. I loved The Shield, and adore Jennifer Beals and cop shows both, so it sounds promising.

I would love to see this film. Sounds very intense, but like a much-needed exploration of a complicated issue: Sundance Film Festival 2011 - 'How to Die in Oregon': "A penetrating look at death and dying, How to Die in Oregon is an HBO-produced documentary that explores the lives of people suffering from debilitating terminal illness. Oregon was the first state in the nation to legalize physician-assisted suicide in 1994, and, since then, over 500 terminally ill Oregonians have ended their lives."


Cherri @ SmartyPantalons said...

I'm going with: who cares on the yams thing? Eat them. They're good.

Brittany said...

Having a cupping feel so wonderful! I've had them a couple times now and am always secretly thinking, "I'm going to look like a giant octopus attacked me! Cool!"