Love it: The Lisa Simpson Book Club.

From the wonderful The Hairpin, on the benefits of even the most minor health changes: "Our tiny brains ask for so little. 'Please,' they whisper. 'Shut up,' we say. 'Help me solve this Jumble.'"

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Interesting discussion on women and self-promotion over at Jezebel.

The sweet potato v. yam explanation. Yams have been a pretty reoccurring part of my winter meals this year, mainly in the form of oven fries - just slice them up, toss them with some olive oil and Ms. Dash, and then bake at 400 for 40 min - the best.

Today's planned workout: 45 minute swim, 30 minute run. Today's actual workout: 45 minute run (was hoping to make it to Bikram but didn't. Life happens.) I ran outside today, which felt great.

Final note: a few people have asked how to get ahold of me recently, so I set up this email address: yumyukblog at gmail dot com.

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