Amazing lunch today! I read about Just Thai at Stumptown Vegans and was happy to find it located on one of the food cart (I was corrected, they are called food CARTS not food TRUCKS - apologies, adorable Portland) rows close to where the conference is being held. Per SV's recommendation I had the Vegan Pad See Ew and it was awesome! So much more flavorful than the "traditional" (and more expensive) Thai food I had last night - and for only $6! The people working there were friendly, the service was fast - it was an ideal lunch experience. (Note: it was so spicy (I asked for spicy but not the hottest) that I drank the water at the 5 place settings around me at the conference lunch table, so if you're not into spicy make that clear.)

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The King hearings are a shameful embarrassment.

From the WaPo: The 'Utah Way' toward immigration reform: "Utah, where Republicans outnumber Democrats by better than three to one in the state legislature, has passed the nation's most liberal - and most reality-based - policy on illegal immigration. And the Republican governor is expected to sign it."

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