I added another race to my roster - the Granite Man Triathlon in June. It's at Applegate Lake, one of my favorite places here in Oregon, and it should be good prep for the "big one" (as my friend is calling our half Ironman). It's a .75 mi swim, a 13 mi bike, and a 5 mi run. I'm a little nervous because it's mountain biking, which I'm not used to, but I think it'll be a great event, and I can use all the open water swimming practice I can get.

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On that note, I ordered these triathlon shorts today. Triathlon shorts, supposedly, have a little less padding than bike shorts, so they are comfortable to wear under a wet suit and also while running. While it's stressful to spend more money on my athletic endeavors, I'm excited to get them and I do think it's a good investment - what could be more important than my health (mental and physical)? I have one pair of bike shorts already, so this should be ideal for alternating, and especially for the summer when I'm sweating buckets. That said, there is no more dough in the shoe budget till after the marathon. I think my two pairs of Mizunos will hold up ok till then - I'm alternating the pairs, which apparently helps you get a few more months out of them.

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