I finally feel like my training is starting to get on track, post- winter blahs and ankle injury and general malaise. Saturday was my epic 15 mi (flat) run; Sunday was a steep 5 mi walk/run and then 90 min Bikram; yesterday was a rest day; today I did 45 min running at the gym then 30 min biking, and I'm headed back to Bikram after work. Now that my one month intro to Bikram has ended, I can't really afford to do it more than once a week, and yet it is SO good for my flexibility (on Sunday I touched my toes with my legs straight for the first time ever!) and for injury prevention....and for my mental health. So I'm trying to fit it in, schedule-wise and financially.

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From The Chronile of Higher Education: Commemorating the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Amazing! Watch this! The Most Aggressive Defense Of Teachers You'll Hear This Year: "The guy who asked teacher Taylor Mali, “What do you make?” at a dinner party certainly never thought he’d get this answer." What do YOU make?

Immigrant Youth Movement Takes a Civil Rights Lesson: "Recently, commentators and congressional witnesses have debated whether the immigrant rights movement is today’s civil rights movement. Some contend that immigrant activists, leading arguably the largest U.S. grassroots movement since the 1960s, carry Dr. King’s torch. Others respond that the civil rights movement, which emerged from slavery and segregation, was a different animal. But, whatever your position, it’s really the wrong question."

My newfound embrace of all things un-cool and un-ironic has manifested itself as choking up at nearly everything in the last 24 hours (ok, also I might be PMS-ing), including that cheesy Dar song I posted, the sight of people out playing softball this morning (physical activity! I love it!), and hearing my Citizenship Class students read "Tengo Un Sueno" last night in class. I'm officially a softy (guess I always have been).

"What on earth can you do on this earth but catch at whatever comes near you, with both your fingers, until your fingers are broken?" - Tennessee Williams


Renai said...

Hah! I totally choke up when I see people being physically active too!

I did a half marathon this weekend, and somewhere around mile 9 I was chatting with a woman running near me about what makes us tear up while running. For me it's everyone helping out with the race- we had so much support, even though it was a really small race. For her it was the view- all water and trees.

Then I beat my last half time by 15 minutes and I was walking around after half grinning and half crying. Just the way it goes!

Sarah Von said...

Giiiiirl, I had to pop out of Google Reader just to tell you that video about teaching
a) made me weepy
b) made my day

I've put my ESL teaching career on hold for a bit in favor of writing (and money) and it's good to remember why I loved it in the first place <3

Shorty said...

Renai, yes, I get choked up at the start of every race! Just something about all these people I don't know, taking time out to do something healthy and challenge themselves...so moving. It's also sort of addictive! I'm already looking forward to the emotional rollercoaster of my next race.

@Sarah, hi! It's so good, right? Teachers kick ass- including teachers on hiatus :)