If you're an Oregonian in support of Tuition Equality for undocumented students, please call your state reps today and tell them to support SB742!

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An interesting take on one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver. While wildly popular, she is also commonly derided by "serious" poets and critics. Mary Oliver and the Nature-esque: rambles with America’s most popular poet. There is some part of me that knows I'm not supposed to like her, that she's not a "great" poet, but her words have accompanied me through the last 15 years of my life, often providing comfort, insight, a nudge towards bravery, and a beauty that I wouldn't want to live without. So why do I question her value?

Interesting article: For every slacker, a perfectionist: some thoughts on class, sex, and the community college. A few years ago I heard this piece on community colleges (episode 63), which I found fascinating (American RadioWorks is one of my all time favs). Since then I have, for the first time in my life, become involved with my local community college (I've spoken there to some groups, met with staff to learn more about their programs, and serve as a volunteer tutor each week). I've been absolutely floored by the amazing work the college does, the myriad of people it serves, and the incredible efforts undertaken by the students. Community colleges also serve a population especially close to my heart, namely undocumented students - while many state or private colleges and universities require social security numbers in order to enroll, most community colleges do not, meaning that those seeing to better their English skills, get GEDs, or pursue degrees are free to do so, regardless of their status. I'd encourage you to check out, and support, your local community college!

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