I'm headed to Portland next week for a conference, and I'm pretty excited. I'm going to be staying with a friend I lived with 7 years ago (!) and seeing a friend from middle + high school! I'm also just excited to get some time in the city, even if I'll be broke and in training most of the days. Last time I was in Portland I had some amazing food cart meals, and I'm excited to check out more this time, especially with an eye to the vegan options the city has to offer. Stumptown Vegans has been a great resource for learning about vegan Portland and I'm especially excited to try out the Just Thai food card and Blossoming Lotus. Suggestions welcome!

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Some feel-good adorableness from Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

If you need a little levity in your day, or are just a sucker for adorable kids like I am, check out this tiny ballerina trying to master first position. I laughed so hard I cried. Who can't relate to this??

Interesting article on the proliferation of "financial infidelity."

Can't quite explain why but I absolutely love this: "Little did we know that a chaotic city can be taken apart and reassembled into neatly organized formations according to shape and size. French artist, Armelle Caron, has done just this."


allison said...

i dont normally comment (just a lurking reader ha!) but i just moved to portland! i have not even put a dent in the list of foodcarts i want to try.

my favorite vegan pizza is from sizzle pie on burnside. then hungry tiger is (of course) a worthy spot too!

Brittany said...

For the best (vegan) pizza in town, go to Dove Vivi! They have an amazing cornmeal crust pizza. Their vegan pizzas are so good. Oh, I am drooling just thinking of them!

Shorty said...

Allison, thanks for popping up :) Last time I was there I had some amazing pulled pork and garlicky mac and cheese from a food truck....but I can't remember it's name! I'm sort of intimidated to try to find food trucks (do they move around? how do you know where they are any given day?) but excited to try. I'll check out Sizzle PIe and Hungry Tiger!

Brittany, consider Dove Vivi added to the list! Cornmeal crust pizza sounds SO good

allison said...

Most of the food trucks stay in the same area. If you want to find them easily, you can usually via yelp.com They are just clustered all around town. The amount of foodcarts with vegan deliciousness is seriously overwhelming!

And of course, "vegan row" is worth checking out (Sweetpea Bakery, Herbivore, and Food Fight) because that much vegan in one place is too good to miss! (it's on SE Stark)

Karla said...

just an fyi- Dove Vivi's crust, though corn meal based, isn't gluten free. (but, actually, are you eating gluten free or just sugar free and vegan-ish?).

also, check out Portobello, an all vegan italian restaurant, at SE 12th/Division. kitty corner from them is Los Gorditos, a great family run place that has an all vegan menu.

DC Vegetarian cart is a couple carts down from Just Thai and they have killer vegan Cheesesteaks. though i do believe they're closed for the weekend after today.

Homegrown Smoker is an awesome all vegan smoker cart at SW 4th and College.

Native Bowl is a great cart run by the lovely Julie Hasson (Everyday Dish blogger and cookbook author). it's at NE Mississippi & Skidmore.

Shorty said...

Wow, Karla, thanks for the tips! Those are great, I hope my schedule doesn't get in the way of my vegan eating tour of Portland :) (Yeah, right now I'm sugar free and like...90% veganish?)