Local Southern Oregon seed growers Siskiyou Seeds featured in this interesting NYT story about heirloom seeds: “Our vision is to connect seed growers, gardeners and farmers in a mutually beneficial relationship to support small-scale agriculture with superior genetics selected for the Pacific Northwest.” Love it!

Another town I love featured in the NYTimes: my mom's hometown of Rockport, MA gets some love.

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What's Got John Darnielle's Goat? Mountain Goats' front man on abortion rights, horror flicks, and feminists' treatment of Sarah Palin.

Are any of you lovely readers residents of Tennesee? If so, please think about contacting your reps to ask them to support the Birth Certificate Bill (the hearing is March 29). One of my awesome friends is a trans person born in TN, and is not allowed to make any changes to his birth certificate. This seemingly small thing can have huge consequences. Please encourage your reps to support the bill.

"Ring the bells that can still ring, / Forget your perfect offering, / There is a crack in everything, / That's how the light gets in." - Leonard Cohen


Zac said...

The best thing about growing up in Rockport to me was leaving and knowing I never had to go back.

Shorty said...

Zac, I think that's how you're supposed to feel growing up in any small town. :) Besides, didn't you grow up in Gloucester? (Or did you live in Rockport but go to Gloucester High? like my mom!)

Zac said...

Graduated from Rockport High, class of 1997. Lived there till I was about 17 when my mom and new husband moved us to Gloucester, but I was already working in Gloucester and spending most of my time there. Rockport was not a very happy place to me. I got into a little trouble when I was younger and after that the cops always gave me hard time. I still get a little nervous driving through there. Still there are worse places to grow up.