My high school friend Ross is not only one of those amazingly brilliant people who can actually talk to non-geniuses about their work (he explained string theory to me!) but is also husband to an equally brilliant wife and father to an insanely charming daughter. Also, they are all tall. Anyways, in honor of his daughters first birthday Ross made and posted this (7 foot tall!) growth chart, complete with some familiar faces (er, outlines). Coolest family ever.

Image: such a cute idea! Maybe this years holiday presents?

Absolutely awesome rooftop garden (from the always too-cool-for-school The Selby).

I'm gonna start posting my workouts on here again. I know it's sort of boring but it helps me motivate to report them so....I'm gonna do it! My ankle is still smarting from when I re-twisted it in Portland last weekend, but I'm trying not to use that as an excuse. It does mean I have to lay off the swimming for a while (the injury is the tendons/ligaments on the outside of my ankle), but I can still run and walk and bike so....no excuses! My recent workouts: Saturday (5 mi), Sunday (8 mi), Monday (rest), Tuesday (5 mi). Planning on hopping on the bike tonight. As with most things in life, I've found that if I think "Ugh, you suck, you gotta go excercize," I'm not going to do it. But if I imagine myself running the marathon, if I imagine myself as healthy and outside running in the sun, I'm more motivated. Power of positive thinking, and what not....

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Michelle said...

Wow, I loooove the selby, absolutely fabulous! I've become addicted to your blog and just wanted to let you know. I often really enjoy the links you share...and appreciate you doing the work for me :)
I saw that the selby had visited the Tartine Bakery in SF, and I really LOVED that video about their bread...which I found on HonestFare because of you. (http://honestfare.com/tartine-bread/)