"Japanese photographer, Sohei Nishino, walks around cities taking pictures and pasting and arranging the results to create layered icons of a city from his memory...Last year, Nishino spent a month walking the streets of London. He took over 10,000 photographs, which he edited down to 4,000. He cut them up and pasted them together into a composite photographic map of the city of London measuring 7.5ft × 4ft."

Listening to: the Dawes sessions (1, 2, 3) on Daytrotter.

Left: Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule. A huge fan of schedules myself, I'm totally smitten with this. Via the always wonderful Maira Kalman.

The ACLU calls for a halt to deportations to Haiti (which were recently resumed).

Beautiful and powerful portraits from Haiti's tent cities.

On the "tiny spaces" front, check out these $200 RelaxShacks.

Sounds disgustingly hip but still dreamy: "Graphic USA, an alternative guidebook to 25 American cities written and illustrated by graphic designers. Graphic USA gives you an insider’s view of the best (and occasionally weird) restaurants, hotels, galleries, bars and coffee shops, all with quirky illustrations/graphics by the artists that live in each city."

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