A new opinion piece from the always awesome Mark Bittman (did you know he's also a runner?): Sustainable Farming Can Feed the World?

Awesome portraits of Olympic athletes. Inspiring variety and dedication.

Last night at the gym I did another mini triathlon (30 min sprint intervals, 20 min biking, 15 min swim). I know it's probably not the workout I should be doing but I get bored so easily. Ugh. Trying to stay dedicated and adhere to my training plan but it's not always easy. I have mad respect for anyone who does this with a partner or kids or other challenges - I'm single and child-free and still find it hard to fit in all the meal planning and workouts etc. Anyways, this morning I went to bootcamp, which was hard having just been in the gym 10 hours earlier. But I wanted to get another workout in before I get in the car and drive to Portland this afternoon. I always get a little nervous about keeping up my workouts when I'm out of my routine but hopefully I'll get some good runs in while I'm in Portland.

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I'm new to Guernica, but they've quickly become a favorite for their great interviews and articles, including this one: A Carefully Crafted F**k You (Nathan Schneider interviews Judith Butler): "The gender-theorist-turned-philosopher-of-nonviolence discusses the choices that make people expendable, the violent foundation of nonviolent activism, and the role grief can play in setting a new course."

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