Today's "surprisingly beautiful photos" : Photographing Every Rest Stop In America

Image: source. I want to live here!

In addition to some very cool shirts and posters, Revel & Riot has a cool write up on "A Brief History of Gay Art and Symbolism": "[respect] those who came before us, graphics and otherwise. The triangle and the rainbow flag may be over-used, but they are iconic! We look back on the work and graphics that have served our cause, in order to give our own work more depth and context."

Steps in the right direction: States Prosecute Fewer Teenagers in Adult Courts: "A generation after record levels of youth crime spurred a nationwide movement to prosecute more teenagers as adults, a consensus is emerging that many young delinquents have been mishandled by the adult court system."

"either peace or happiness, / let it enfold you / when I was a young man / I felt these things were / dumb, unsophisticated . . ." - C. Bukowski, "Let It Enfold You"

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