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Wish I could've been at the Gender, Sexuality and Urban Spaces Conference at MIT, but, since I couldn't, was grateful for the live blogging here.

From the NYTimes, Itinerant Life Weighs on Farmworkers’ Children: "Schools in migrant communities struggle against mobility, violence and low academic expectations."

“[Patti] Smith was 29 when she recorded Horses. Joan Didion was 29 when she wrote her first novel. Tina Fey was 29 when she was named head writer of SNL. bell hooks was 29 when she published her first major work. Oprah had just turned 30 when she got her first local TV talk show. There is a reason “boy genius” rolls off the tongue more naturally than “girl genius.” By the time most of us accept the fact that we have earned this label for ourselves, we are most decidedly no longer girls.” - In Which We Can Feel The Horses Long Before Horses Enter the Scene, This Recording

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Anna said...

Stories about children tug at my heart strings. I really don't understand how a person can hear that and still say that they should not have citizenship. They should be forced to look into the eyes of the children and tell them that they have to go to a country they are unfamiliar with and answer all of their questions.