Something I definitely didn't know: Loretta Ross on the Origin of “Women of Color.” (via the always awesome Racialicious)

This isn't ususally the sort of thing I listen to but I've had Feed Me's Dubstep Robyn Remix, "Call Your Girlfriend" on repeat all morning.

Amazing images of children and where they sleep.

Image: source.

Interesting project: Underheard in New York: "Underheard in New York is an initiative to help homeless residents in New York City speak for themselves. We’ve provided Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos each with their own mobile phone, a month of unlimited text messaging and a Twitter account. They’ve found their voices by texting their thoughts, feelings and actions to Twitter. Our mission is to use their social media presence to create real interaction and make them a part of our global community. In other words, get to know them as individuals." via Anthropology in Practice. I'm not sure how effective this project is, and I wish they had chosen at least one woman, but I appreciate their efforts at getting people to listen to individuals without a home, and the creativeness of their approach.

“Assuming that people are either 'part of the problem or part of the solution' dis-includes a lot of people, who, at this moment, do not feel (and therefore ARE NOT) safe enough, emotionally, physically, and/or financially to resist in the same ways you might be. By judging people according to your standards of resistance or whatever… it makes it harder for people to recognize what they’re doing as being important and political etc… it makes it harder for them to get into safe enough situations where they can resist in more outward, community oriented ways if they want to.” - Kathleen Hanna, Jigsaw Youth

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Amy said...

I feel the same way about poetry as I do about wine: critical acclaim doesn't make it better. I am a huge fan of poetry that is accessible--the Mary Oliver and David Whyte and Jane Kenyon style--because it moves me, not because it is complex.

And that piece on community colleges is fascinating. I went to a community college, as it was more financially prudent for me at the time, and I had the most fantastic, caring professors there, much more so than at my four year college. Their work is so important.

P.S. I continue to marvel at your ability to find the best stuff!