Not a fan of the headline, but glad to see the Bill getting some coverage: Oregon Senate hearing draws crowd over bill to lower university tuition for students here illegally.

My friends are awesome - go, Lauren! Using art to raise awareness: "For more than a century the world has been haunted with harsh reoccurring events of genocide. After viewing memorials of these horrible atrocities that occurred in Rwanda in 1994, art professor Lauren Sleat has taken it upon herself to raise awareness through artwork. The awarewness is not only for the genocide that took place in Rwanda, but also for genocide and crimes against humanity all over the world."

Wonderful piece in the NYTimes about the women involved in the Charlie Sheen chaos, and the publics willingness to ignore their abuse.

Also from the NYTimes, a heartbreaking article on the intersection of immigration and health care: Immigrant’s Health Crisis Leaves Her Family on Sideline

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This is a good and helpful article! The gym can be totally intimidating. I still get nervous about using weights and weigh machines, and I've been going for years. How To Hit The Gym Without Fear.

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