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I've decided to do my first "links I love" day, spreading the word on some of my favorite blogs as well as some recent finds. Hope there's at least one that's new to you and that you enjoy!

* A Y&Y reader sent me the link to this blog, and I'm so glad she did - great vegan recipes, and out of my beloved Portland, OR: check out Get Sconed!

* The always-fantasy-inducing Tiny House Blog.

* From the very crushworthy Dean Spade, Enough: "Enough is a space for conversations about how a commitment to wealth redistribution plays out in our lives: how we decide what to have, what to keep, what to give away; how we work together to build sustainable grassroots movements; how we challenge capitalism in daily, revolutionary ways." (I know I'm not the only one who gets excited by anti-capitalist talk)

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* The Mary Sue, a new "guide to girl geek culture"

* The "always manages to say just the right thing" You Are Remarkable (even just typing the title makes me feel a little better!)

* The street and "ephemeral" art site, Wooster Collective.

* The Hairpin, which has quickly become one of my favorites: " The Hairpin is a ladies website' run by Edith Zimmerman, a grave young woman who spends all her time online."

* Another recent favorite, reccomended by a friend, is The Rumpus, "an online magazine focused on culture, as opposed to "pop culture." Pop culture can be hard to define and the term means different things to different people. Basically, we're not opposed to things that are popular, but we have no interest in "art" created by marketing executives. And we have no interest in derivative art, like images of famous people made from shoelaces or Star Wars characters in funny wigs."

Enjoy! More to come....

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Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing these. Found plenty of new stuff to keep my busy during a slow workday! <3