Been listening to tons of Sharon Van Etten (who I'm clearly more than a little bit in love with). Her song "A Crime" is such a great breakup song, one for the ages.

Loved this essay about yoga (usually I'm not interested in reading about it but this one resonated with me): “The best part is: you brought yourself here. You did this.”

Horrible. And we wonder why so many Mexicans come here looking for a better life? Mexicans Look For Missing After Mass Graves Found: "At least 116 bodies have been discovered in mass graves over the last week in San Fernando, in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Hundreds of people have come to check if a missing relative or friend is among the dead. The local Catholic bishop says gangs are terrorizing the area."

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Ugh, in so many ways, today was great - a long walk/hike in the morning, church, grocery shopping and cooking for the week, and my mom and stepdad helped me rearrange my office so it would be more comfortable. But then I had to deal with some tax stuff, and....bummer. I know I have it easier than a lot of people, but being almost 30 and working a legal aid job that barely pays the bills is...well, it's stressful. And, as with a lot of people, it's hard for me not to take it as a moral failing. Money is such a messy thing. Anyways...onward.

On the plus side (I'm trying!) my first garden is making progress. It's been rainy here, and I've just tried to ignore my seeds and let them do their thing. Well, today I went out and saw beautiful little chard and kale leafs, in tiny clumps, glistening with rain drops - pretty awesome. I can't believe I'm actually going to eat food I grew from seeds!

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