The decision of Paul Clement to leave King & Spalding following the firms withdrawal from the DOMA case is a fascinating storm of questions about the ethics of representation. Although I'm obviously very much not in support of DOMA, I do think there are some potentially serious issues with K&S deciding to withdraw because of public pressure. First of all, they knew what they were signing on for, so what changed? Only public pressure, I assume. And is public pressure enough reason to sever representation of a client? I wouldn't think so....

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Easter As a Story of Criminal Injustice

Training: this morning I took a fairly leisurely (although largely uphill) 5 mile walk up to and through the Park. A relaxing and (gently) invigorating start to the day. 6 days till the Marathon!

Today I finally withdrew from a volunteer obligation that had been stressing me out for months. While I enjoyed the experience itself, I found myself repeatedly stressed about missing the appointment, preparing for it, not having time for it, etc. Eventually I had to pull the plug. It's one part of an ongoing issue I have, which I like to call: "Overcommit, Underperform." I find that my enthusiasm makes me want to do Everything! But then I take on too much and end up not doing a great job at anything....and being stressed, and feeling guilty, letting people down, and generally not getting anything out of the experience. So, I'm trying to change that. Trying to be more careful with what I take on, and managing my own (and others') expectations. Not easy. Such is adulthood!

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