An interesting 2010 article from Philip Gourevitch in the New Yorker: Can you provide humanitarian aid without

Yes, my brain all day has been: marathon, marathon, marathon....I've listened to some of my current favorite running songs, and keep thinking, "I can't wait till I'm in that zone, I can't wait to just run for 5 hrs, to just be present in my body for 5 hours...." Guess I've got the running bug for sure...

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Wow. Outrageous. F**k you, Texas: Texas May Ban Transgender Marriages: "Texas lawmakers are trying to repeal a state law that allows transgender people to legally marry spouses of the opposite sex. Not only would this prevent trans people from marrying their partners — some worry it might invalidate existing marriages."

"What the history of the word OK can tell us about American concision, psychology, and language."

I not only disagree with "Secure Communities," it also seems to be ineffective: Noncriminals swept up in federal deportation program: "Secure Communities, a federal program launched in 2008 with the stated goal of identifying and deporting more illegal immigrants 'convicted of serious crimes,' has netted many noncriminals or those who committed misdemeanors."


swedereid said...

not everyone in Texas is mean :(

Shorty said...

@swedereid, of course not everyone in TX is mean! I'm glad there are awesome people there working to combat this bs