I've seen a few bloggers recently who have made lists of "Goals For The Summer," or some variation, and, well, I love a list! Here goes:

1. Try some raw food recipes (I've always been curious about raw food but just figured it was too weird and I was too picky to try it. Well, I've gotten a lot better at cooking and trying new foods this past year, and I know that the less processed the food is, the better I feel so....I want to give raw foods a try.)

2. Do my first Half Ironman Triathlon (This is already on the calendar, Lake Stevens, WA, August 14th! I'm super nervous, especially about the swimming portion, but that's sort of why I'm doing it.)

3. Stick with Bikram Yoga twice a week, even though (or, because!) it's so hard for me (so hard).

4. Incorporate more vegan meals into my rotation (maybe go for a a few weeks - or month - totally vegan?)

5. Plan and plant my garden for the fall (so excited by the progress my tiny chard and kale and carrots are making!)

Image: source.

6. Run my first 50K (I know I haven't even completed my first marathon yet but....I'm crazy. It's already on the calendar - Siskiyou Out Back Trail Run, July 9th)

7. Bike my first century (Also already on the calendar - CASA's Ride Through Paradise, July 23rd. And it's raising money for a great cause!)

8. Plan a Fall trip down to San Francisco and/or LA (I have no money. But I love SF and I have loved ones in both cities and I want to get down to at least one of those cities in the coming year).

9. Follow through with this plan I have for some community education/discussion around immigration issues (more to come....)

10. Top Secret Birthday Related Plan! (Can't tell you yet)


Caiti said...

Awesome list! I've made the switch to 90% vegan about 2 months ago, which gives me about 2 meals a week I don't have to be crazy about. (That way, I don't feel guilty if I'm eating at a friend's house and they used chicken broth). I am LOVING it, but I think it's mainly because it forces me to cook & I've learned that being creative in the kitchen is a HUGE stress reliever for me...sorry, now I'm rambling...huzzah for summer plans!

Zac said...

I am endorsing #8.

Shorty said...

@Caitlin, I love hearing about other people who are committed to veganism etc even if they aren't 100% vegan - I always tend towards extremism, or feeling like I have to totally commit to something, but I'm trying to do more of adding in vegan meals (and hopefully raw meals etc), making small changes....

@Zac, obviously I will keep you in the loop....