Check out "the tale of 67 Sueños, a youth-led collective based in Oakland that strives to tell the stories of everyday young people who are often left out of the national narrative on immigration reform."

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Last Sunday's NYTimes had an interesting op-ed piece encouraging gay peeps to skip all the hetero weddings the have undoubtedly been invited to this summer (I'm looking at 4 myself). Someone over at Queerty disagrees. I'm more in the latter camp - I love celebrating important moments with my friends, and the large majority of my straight friends are more than aware of the rampant discrimination and homophobia in the country, and aware of their own privilege in regard to marraige and the associated benefits. I don't think my boycotting their weddings would change their views on the topic, and would only lead to me being left out of this important life event. But it is a complicated and painful issue on all fronts, and not one easily solved (uh, except for, you know, real marriage equality).

A great listen: Amy Poehler’s Awesome Harvard Speech

Great video of kids speaking out in support of OR Tuition Equality. Powerful, humbling, moving stuff.

I'm slowly finding my way into a new exercise/physical health routine. Not training for any one thing in particular right now, just paying attention to what I need to do to stay sane and healthy and active. So far that means the 20-min 30 Day Shred video some mornings, fitting in walks whenever possible, and the return to Bikram last night. It was hard - as always - mentally, physically, emotionally. But so wonderful, and I was so proud to have made it through another 90 minutes. It feels powerful to slow down, take stock of what my body needs, and reassess the goals I set for myself. I think I'm on the right track.

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