Interesting looking film - it's nice to see some attention paid to queer community outside of urban centers. Out In The Silence: A film and campaign for fairness and equality in rural & small town America. (Update: oh, it's free on Hulu, here!)

New blogs added to the GoogleReader: Of Another Fashion: "An Alternative Archive of the Not-Quite-Hidden But Too Often Ignored Fashion Histories of U.S. Women of Color" and Threadbared, "An evolving collaboration between two clotheshorse academics to discuss the politics, aesthetics, histories, theories, cultures, and subcultures that go by the names 'fashion' and 'beauty.'"

Lipstick Lobbyist on the the now famous photo taken from the Situation Room during the successful, high stakes Osama bin Laden mission. As she points out, in addition to the ridiculousness of Clinton and another woman being removed from one version of the photo, there is also an interesting discussion to be had about the expression of emotion in such high stress situations, and the way these responses are characterized depending on the gender of the politician: "Comparing the stress of national security to a stressful moment of parenthood? Can you imagine the political backlash that any female politician would receive by making such a statement? But from Obama, it demonstrates a certain type of humanity that we like in our (male) leaders."

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Training: I finally made it to bootcamp today, for the first time since before the marathon. It was hard, and good.

Gunner Scott (MA Transgender Political Coalition) on The High Cost of Discrimination and Massachusetts' Transgender Equal Rights Bill, which would add protections based on gender identity and expression to our state's non-discrimination and hate crimes laws.

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