Sustain: A Photo Essay of Women and their Farms across America

Image: source. Love this little print.

The first two in a three-part series from the Harvard Crimson: Part I ("Due to Ban, Trans Man at Harvard Law School Cannot Serve in U.S. Military"), and Part II ("Safe Restrooms: Basic for Some, A Luxury for Trans Men and Women on Campus")

Some current Etsy crushes: 50 State Animals Tea Towel, Organic Natural Canvas Rucksack, beautiful paper products from Blackbird Letterpress.

From Our Oregon, Why Marriage Matters to Jill and Donnella: "Donnella is a Movement Therapist in private practice. She and her partner Jill live with their 1.5-year-old son in Southeast Portland. And here is her story."

More consumerist dreams: Gorgeous soft cotton wrap from Flytrap. Beautiful moon ring.

Interesting discussion: Immigration As Freedom: "there’s more to the immigration debate than the economics...'And economics side, we should support free immigration to the greatest extent possible based on liberal principles alone. People should be free to move and choose their own destiny. Governments shouldn’t interfere with the right to immigrate any more than is necessary and certainly not to satisfy the nativist demands of unhappy citizens.' The freedom to move is a very important kind of freedom, and countries have ample reason to enhance it."

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