Love this idea: diy: wine box vegetable garden.

A great summer mix from Thought Catalogue: "Summer is the season of twee. People are riding their bikes, eating ice cream cones, playing in the sand, getting crushes on each other. It’s just all so precious." Ha!

The trailer for Becoming Chaz.

And the trailer for Miranda July’s (Jon Brion-Scored) The Future. I have really mixed feeling about July's stuff - I loved parts of Me You And Everyone We Know and also No One Belongs Here More Than You....but also really disliked parts. The trailer for The Future had about the same effect on me.

Left: one of many gorgeous prints from The Victory Garden of Tomorrow. The Victory Garden "is a self-commissioned poster campaign designed to channel the bold energy of historical poster propaganda. It is committed to civic innovation and social progress-- better food, better gardens, better cities. It is artful advocacy for the modern homefront."

“I long to create something that can’t be used to keep us passive: / I want to write / a script about pumping, how every pipe / is joined / to every other.” - Adrienne Rich, from "Essential Resources”

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