An article about the recent success of one of my law school professors, Prof. Wendy Parmet: A champion for immigrants’ health-care rights: "In a case successfully argued by Northeastern law professor Wendy Parmet, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled last week that excluding some 40,000 legal immigrants from a subsidized health-care program likely violates equal protection rights outlined in the state’s constitution."

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Excited about Erik Larson's new book; I loved "The Devil In The White City."

Totally appreciated Amy's post on being disappointed in yourself. It's such a hard thing to face (and to move on from).

I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow for a conference - suggestions for yummy, cheap places to eat, good places to walk/run, etc welcome! On Saturday, right before I leave, I'm running Seattle's Best 15K, which I'm hoping will help get me back into running....my knee is still hurting from the trail race a week or so ago, and my motivation is still low....I ran a few miles this morning but it was weak.

Saw Bridesmaids this weekend - while I didn't think it was the defining moment of women in comedy or anything (and why did it have to be?), I definitely laughed a lot, and saw a few moments of friendship between women that looked a lot more like my friendships that most of what I see in pop culture.


Amy said...

Thanks for the shout-out, my dear :) Hope your week is off to a good start.

Shorty said...

Amy, I wish I didn't relate so much to what you wrote, but I did! Sigh. So hard when you let yourself down...

Here's to a new week!