My (first) Eugene Marathon 2011

Warning: totally boring run details if you aren't race obsessed :)

Overall, it was one of the best days of my life. Beautiful weather, a well-planned race, the support of my friends and family, and just a great run. I'm still basking in the day.

Image: me getting my results, with "Don't Give Up" written on my left arm. My right arm had a heart that said "Mom Dad Rocky [my stepdad]."

OK, the details! First, I think I over tapered. In the last two weeks before the race I got paranoid about injury and I think tired of running after my 20 miler, so my mileage seriously decreased. Mainly I was just biking and doing yoga. I think this was ok for me physically but mentally it messed with me, because running felt distant to me etc.

Second, I think I went too crazy with eating the last two weeks as well - I was still eating like I was running a lot but I wasnt, so I felt really full and heavy and overweight for the race. Also I started eating sugar again, which probably didn't help.

Next, the day before the race I traveled up from where I live - just 3 hrs but still meant that I was eating food on the road, not my usual food. The night before we went out to dinner and I thought what I got was fine (veggie burger and fries) but I woke up at 1am and was on the toilet for like 2 hrs....That's all I will say about that. But my mom commented that she was impressed I didn't let it get me down. I think that is something I've gotten from law school and the Bar exam and running - an attitude of, well, it is what it is, all I can do it keep going! As I was sitting there late at night all I could think was, "Seven months, I've been training for this for seven months."

But race day came and I managed to choke down a PowerBar before go time, and overall, the race was awesome! The first 4 miles were shitty, as always (side cramps, tired, probably dehydrated from the nights events). My stomach was still upset from being sick and I was living in fear of shitting my pants (sorry, harsh reality of running). I managed to eat a ShotBlock every 3 miles or so, along with a cup of water.

Overall I wanted to come in under 5 hours but I initially assumed the 5 hour pacer was behind me because I felt so slow. Miles 4-13 were a slow, training pace. At about Mile 8 I saw that the 4:30 pacer was about a half mile in front of me and I was like, Oh yes, I'm gonna get them! It helped that my running buddy Magen, who I usually run with on the weekends, was still with me because she was running the half marathon. It felt familiar and great to have her by my side for the first 9 or so miles. I slowly gained on the 4:30 group over the next few miles.

Miles 13-18 were good - I was in the zone, a slightly increased tempo, and I slowly passed the 4:30 group. Once I was in front of them (about Mile 14?) I spent the rest of the race looking back to make sure they didnt pass me - they got really close a bunch of times, and kept me on my toes!

Mile 19 or so the legs got heavy and stiff. I got another burst once I passed mile 20, thinking "Wow, I'm really running a marathon!" and I was thrilled. At Mile 24 I felt sick all of a sudden and really cranky (I think maybe my blood sugar was low?). The last mile or so was rough. But then the end! Wahoo! I heard my friends cheering for me, my amazing parents had managed to cheer me on at 4 different spots during the race, and I felt so loved and encouraged. After I crossed the finish line and got the medal, I didnt feel like "Oh, I'm gonna die, I cant go another step!" just like, "Yep, that was a long run....I just ran a marathon!"

I'm sure I'll have more to say and write but I'm on my way to a post-marathon massage now. Thanks SO much for all the love and encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Sounds like a great experience.

Phoebe A. Cohen said...

Sarah, I'm so proud of you! You overcame obstacles internal, external, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. The whole shebang. Woooo!!!

Anonymous said...

You are incredible!

Shorty said...

Thanks guys!! xoxo

Anna said...

Congratulations on running the marathon! My coworker ran the half marathon. I was in Eugene on Sunday but it was to visit my sister and see Wicked :)

Valerie said...

Congratulations! So happy for you and your great accomplishment!

George D said...

Congratulations! Awesome.