Check out the trailer for the new documentary Transmen: "Transmen is a documentary that follows the lives of three Tennesseans during their transition from females to males. Each transman faces his own struggles in the film, such as the availability of health insurance for surgeries and discrimination in the workplace and school, as well as coming out as transgender to their friends and family. Currently, Tennessee is the only state with a "law" that bans gender changes on birth certificates."

Image: “George Tiller was a compassionate physician who risked his life to help women in need. He was assassinated by an anti-choice terrorist.” Dr. George Tiller: August 8, 1941 – May 31, 2009.

Looking forward to today's Fresh Air interview, A Son's 'Love Letter' To His Gay Father: "His coming out was actually this gesture, of him saying 'I want life. I want more life. I want something.' And this was a man who was so self-denying for so long — this very polite, quiet man. And he [wanted] sex. ... It's just weird, to think of your parent that way ... This is a man who had defused himself, who had tamped down his desires. And when he came out, it was the beginning of him becoming more vivid and hot and present, which was often messy but always wonderful."

From the NYTimes, a "nifty graphic that shows the planting layout of the White House vegetable garden . . . and then re-imagines how it would look if it were to reflect the crops that the federal government supports."

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