I'm quickly burning through all the old episodes of Pop Culture Happy Hour - it's so perfect! Smart, snarky yet sincere nerds who are actually friends in real life, discussing pop culture on NPR? Everything I love, combined. And I just found out that host Linda Holmes is a "recovering attorney" - even better!

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Need a pep talk? Thumbs up for rock and roll!

From the super talented Egleson fam, ZERO, a graphic memoir by Jan Egleson, illustrated by Kseniya Galper - a graphic novel for the iPad!

Just found out that my office is having a mandatory week of vacation in late August (to force us to use our vacation days - sort of annoying, but let's make the best of it) - so I think a road trip to the Bay Area (one of my favorite places) is necessary! The plotting and planning begin....now.

Watching this movie (Unbreakable: Western States 100) is probably the closest that I will ever get to the Western States 100...but wow, it got me excited about running again more than almost anything since my marathon. Whoever thought a video about people running 100 miles would have me swooning? (And yay for featuring Hal Koerner! He owns the running store in my town, and is such a nice guy and has done a lot - along with everyone at Rogue Valley Runners - to make the Rogue Valley an awesome place to run).

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Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Keep me posted on your August trip---SF is so close to Sac! Maybe other Sarah and I could come hang out for a day :)