Fearless by Jeff Sheng, a photo exhibit of out LGBT student athletes.

Feministing: Leave me alone! On women and solitude

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My journey back to being a runner chugs along....slowly. Which I guess is apt. Last night I did a 20 min jog, with little ankle or knee pain, and then 10 burpies and some upper arm weights. I'm working on finding that middle ground between not letting myself slack but also not expecting every workout to be the way it was when I was in marathon training. I text my friend NK when I work out, which helps me feel proud of my (even brief) runs, and encourages me a bit (thanks, NK!)

A good intro to embroidery for everyone.

This case is so upsetting, and the verdict is devastating (I learned about it via the documentary Hot Coffee - watch it if you can. Her case is only one part of the film, but it's really worth learning about): Justice denied to Jamie Leigh Jones: "Jamie Leigh Jones, the Halliburton/KBR employee who reported being gang-raped by her co-workers, only to then be held hostage by her employer, and who had to fight through an absurd stipulation in her employment contract that required sexual assault allegations be addressed by private arbitration in order to take her case to court, has lost the civil rape case against Charles Boartz and KBR."

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