Another take on Freedom, worth a read (spoilers, if you haven't read the book yet): Franzen goes exotic: the Indian woman and the Great American Novelist

From the NYTimes: Removal of Priest’s Cases Exposes Deep Holes in Immigration Courts. Frustrating on so many levels.

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From Racialicious: Domestic Violence Isn’t Just About What Men Do to Women. A female abusers powerful personal story, and discussion of abuse.

Boston Review: The Morning After Marriage: Should the gay community really be saying “I do”?: "The question is this: will these extended queer families exist in the future, to continue their pioneering tightrope walks over those universally prickly fields of jealousy, intimacy, adventure, and security? Once the rosy crown of marriage is on the table, won’t there be a powerful incentive to leave our relationship experiments behind? And if marriage equality launches a widespread flight to the culturally sanctioned form of partnership, have we lost a history and a field of experience that the rest of the world might well have benefited from?"

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