From the wonderful Linda Holmes (of Pop Culture Happy Hour), You Can't Possibly Read It All, So Stop Trying: "As books, magazines and blogs proliferate, avid readers are often frustrated that they don't have time to consume everything. NPR's culture critic Linda Holmes says it's time to face facts: your time is better spent deciding how to choose what to read than bemoaning you can't digest it all." (thanks, moosh!)

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NYTimes: Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North: "Economic, demographic and social changes in Mexico are suppressing illegal immigration as much as the poor economy or legal crackdowns in the United States."

Cycling: What’s Holding Women Back?: "The question of why more women aren’t cycling is a subject that could probably fill volumes. But it doesn’t get enough play on blogs of this type." (thanks, nk!)

"Molly Landreth’s A Portrait Of Queer life In America started as a simple self-portrait project in 2005 but has since expanded into a national archive and an international collaboration with the GLBT community. Molly’s goal with the series is to create images of her community that she can relate to and to tell new stories not typically represented in conversations about queer life."

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NK said...

The fact that there's a bicycle made by Kate Spade makes me want to puke.