A great explanation of the criminal justice system and why criminal trials aren't about "seeking justice" for the victim: Dershowitz on Casey Anthony: The System Worked: "Even if it is 'likely' or 'probable' that she committed the murder, she must be acquitted. The standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt."

My friend Taysa gets serious about reducing her consumption - I'm in awe! And inspired.

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Excellent (and an extra "Yay" to the Hon. Wardlaw, who I had the privilege of interning with during law school): U.S. court tells military to stop discharging gays

Really interesting: Journalist’s Essay About Engaging in Violent Sex to Treat Her PTSD Stirs Controversy

In honor of the recent holiday: Langston Hughes: Let America Be America Again


TC said...

Thanks Sarah!! I hope my story can be of inspiration (or, a warning?) to someone else. It's been a long road but it is possible.

XXX said...

So glad someone posted an informative article about the Casey Anthony trial. I wish everyone complaining about the outcome read this.