Gorgeous and inventive: A Visit to the Prinzessinnengärten: Berlin's Mobile Community Garden

From the Detroit Free Press: Faces of the immigration crackdown

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Charles Simic on The Lost Art of Postcard Writing

I'm working on starting a small flower and vegetable garden with with the kids at my church - if anyone has tips on introducing kids to gardening or activities, let me know! I plan to prep the beds and fill them with soil, and then teach the kids about planting seeds and some small plants as well (just seeds would probably be boring to kids). I was also planning on making garden markers with plastic utensils and permanent markers/paint (a cheap, simple idea I found online), and a chart for them to track plant growth as well.....

The summer issue of YES! magazine is devoted to "Beyond Prisons": "The United States locks up more people than any other country, but that hasn't made us safer. The drug war jails thousands of nonviolent addicts. Taxpayers and poor communities lose as states slash social programs to pay for prisons. There's a better way—compassion, not punishment; restoration, not isolation. It's less costly, more humane—and it works."


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Here is a link to an article about gardening at my school this summer:


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