Loving Teen Queen: A Fostering Story, and can't wait for the next installment. I'll admit, growing up foster care is something I never thought about, and only had horror story associations with. But serving on my local Citizen Review Board has introduced me to inspiring parents, incredible kids, and some really dedicated service providers - my thoughts about foster care have changed a lot, and it's something I've even begun to consider as a part of my future.

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An interesting series of articles about strapping it on, packing, and dick =/= male.

Too, too true: Many deportees unwittingly waive rights, report says: "More than 160,000 immigrants signed so-called stipulated removals, many of them without legal representation or understanding the documents, according to the National Immigration Law Center and legal experts."

We re-watched Best In Show last night - so so good, never fails to entertain. Pitch perfect writing and acting.

Yesterday I had the privilege of being involved in two panels/talks alongside three incredible young adults we have publicly come out as undocumented, DREAMers. Their bravery and openness and intelligence and compassion was incredibly inspiring. I really can't think of anyone else I've met in my life who is making such a bold, self-less stand, people who will go down in history alongside the greats of the Civil Rights movement, and other visionaries. Please get involved with the DREAMers in your community (in the Northwest?), and support the DREAM Act (in your state and at the federal level). TRUE HEROES: Undocumented, Unapologetic, Unashamed.

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Anastasia said...

I work for a non-profit adoption agency/residential treatment center. I'm proud to work for people who realize good homes for troubled kids are more important then the sexual orientation of the parents. That makes me happy to do my job.