Go, Jamie & Christian, Go DREAMers! We would be lucky to have these intelligent, hard-working, compassionate youth as US Citizens. Ask an Undocumented Immigrant: Young Local Immigrants Are Coming Out—And Using Their Voices.

Awesome quote: “It’s looking less and less like an Irish rugby team." Boston Globe: City Council race shows how far Boston has come. Congrats to RK and co, who worked so hard to get Ayanna Pressley and other deserving candidates into office.

Mos Def reads Malcolm X, "Message to the Grassroots" (November 10, 1963) (From the awesome Zinn Education Project)

PRI: Nigeria turns to empty plastic bottles to build homes in remote villages

Girls Just Want to Go to School by Nicholas Kristof

Crisis pregnancy centers are a dangerous scam: The Truth Is Better Advice: "I disagree with their views vehemently, but abortion rights opponents have a right to try to make their case to women considering abortion. But they have no right to deceive them, offering bogus science intended to make them delay, or fail to exercise, their legal right. Honesty is always best, even if it makes it harder to get your way."

Left: Ha! Loving these: The League of Ordinary Ladies: Coffee Shops, by Esther C. Werdiger

“I use labels because we haven’t gotten beyond race or class or other differences yet. When I don’t assert certain aspects of my identity like the spiritual part or my queerness, they get overlooked and I’m diminished. When we come to a time when I don’t have to say, “Look, I’m a dyke,” or “I’m spiritual,” or “I’m intellectual,” I’ll stop using labels. That’s what I want to work towards. But until we come to that time, if you lay your body down and don’t declare certain facets of yourself, they get stepped on.” - Gloria Anzaldua

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