Two articles on SCOTUS and the current discussion about warrantless GPS surveillance by cops: Which Way Privacy? The Supreme Court asks whether the government can put a GPS device on your car without a warrant, by Dahlia Lithwick and Rethinking Warrants in a Wireless Age by Gail Sullivan.

My hatred of the new GoogleReader design rages on, and others agree.

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GOOD: Can I Get an Abortion Here? The Abortion Rights Map of the World

A video of one woman's transition, and a reminder of all the brave trans and gender queer people among our friends and families.

LA Times: Immigrant detainees deserve lawyers: "The vast majority of detainees, including children and the mentally ill, are forced to represent themselves in immigration court. That could, and should, change soon."

Love it: Reading, Writing And Roasting: Schools Bring Cooking Back Into The Classroom

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