This article made me giggle and remember fondly my many years of living alone (of which there will undoubtedly be more in the future): One Is the Quirkiest Number: The Freedom, and Perils, of Living Alone. It also made me roll my eyes numerous times - I think it's clear the author thinks it's much crazier and like *riskier!* for women to live alone because of all the "weird" behavior they might indulge in. Relax, yo. Just because there might be a few hours in the day a woman isn't spending trying to present herself in the perfect way for anyone who might be watching doesn't mean she's on a downward spiral towards irredeemably antisocial behavior.

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Haha, yes, love this. From The Onion: Female Friends Spend Raucous Night Validating The Living Sh*t Out Of Each Other": The entire night we just went balls out with the confidence-boosting,"

Watching this tonight, been looking forward to it: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

Music video for Josh Ritter‘s “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” created by Prominent Figures using over 12,000 pieces of construction paper

Realizing I haven't written on here about CrossFit for a while, which is weird because it's become such a big part of my life. My "box" (the term for a CrossFit gym) is so supportive and encouraging and gets me excited about pushing myself in a way I absolutely couldn't on my own. It was hard to see how much progress I had lost while I was in Nicaragua (despite running and hiking every day), but my CrossFit friends have such an attitude of "Just get back to work," that that's what I did! Feels great to be lifting weights again, working on my pull ups, and generally back on the road towards badassness....

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Valerie said...

Shorty! so glad you are back!